• Perryton was chosen for being a friendly, vibrant, environmentally sound community that appreciates the wholesome and peaceful atmosphere it has cultivated over the decades. Our goal is to work within the community to maintain and protect those qualities while offering future generations the educational advantages that otherwise may not have been available.
  • Humble Beginnings
  • The Road Ahead
  • Teaching By Top Professionals
  • Project Video

  • Invitational Music Festivals
    Invitational Music Festivals
    On at least a quarterly basis a Music Festival will be held with participant performers invited from local, regional and national performing venues.
  • Recording Studio
    Recording Studio 
    A state-of-the-art recording studio will be planned for operation in conjunction with CP/AAP to enhance performance opportunities and revenue streams.
  • Film School and The Academy of Emerging Media
    Film School and The Academy of Emerging Media
    Plans provide for a Film School and The Academy of Emerging Media.  The Film School will provide training in film and cinematography.

Key To Success

"The most important element to success is how skillfully CP/AAP can tailor its program to suit the varying needs (emotional, psychological, technical, etc.) of its students and staff and how it can enhance the artistic spirit of the community on all levels while providing an atmosphere conducive to creativity and performance on the highest levels."    
               Robert W. Humphrey