Board of Directors

Robert W. Humphrey
Robert Humphrey is a native Texan born in Perryton, having graduated Perryton High School in 1965. He was a music education major at WTSU, assistant band director at Spearman, and has dedicated his life to artistic endeavors and business ventures.  During his career he has served as an educator, band director, church choral/orchestra director and musician, broadcaster, and has authored and published five books, co-authoring three screenplays and two stage plays.  Robert has owned successful businesses and for several years served as a creative consultant and Director of Business Management for a theme park and destination resort company based in Orlando and Los Angeles.  He most recently served on the Board of Directors for Christian Youth Theater of San Diego, which celebrates over 30 years creating after school, weekend and summer music and theater programs for children and adults in more than fifty communities in fifteen states and Canada.  Robert maintains an extensive sphere of influence in several mediums of the arts and entertainment industry.
Robert W. Frost
From 1972 to present, Robert has held key sales and management positions with several nationally known corporations in the computer, market research, and pharmaceutical industries, such as International Data Corporation and Merck-Medco. He initially developed the original concept of the ERISA medical bill audit process, and has extensive knowledge about ERISA regulations. He often is called upon to provide expert testimony about hospital overcharges and inaccuracies in billing by attorneys involved in ERISA litigation.  Robert has been recognized as an expert witness in medical bill reviews by multiple courts, both state and federal.   For nine years Robert has served on the Board of Directors of the West Texas A&M University Foundation and is its past President. He served one tour of duty as a combat helicopter pilot and Executive Officer in the Republic of South Viet Nam where he was decorated with the Bronze Star. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Combat Helicopter Pilots Association (CHPA), Washington, DC.   Robert was awarded his Bachelors in Music Education from WTSU and his MBA in Business Management from The University of Dallas.   He is currently CEO of Frost Wealth Management Group, LLC, located in Dallas.
Walter von Huene
Walter is our main connection to the film industry and has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has established himself as an Actor’s director, serving as Dialogue Coach on the hit series HAPPY DAYS, working side by side with the legendary director Jerry Paris. During his career he has worked with Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Richard Gere, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, and many more.
Walter has a close association with former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The two met on the set of JINGLE ALL THE WAY. He then worked with him on BATMAN AND ROBIN, END OF DAYS, THE SIXTH DAY, COLLATERAL DAMAGE and TERMINATOR 3.  Walter also worked with the governor as a speech consultant during the recall and his first term in office.
Walter established VONHART FILMS (, with actor/writer Michael Hartson.   They are currently in development on their feature film, YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND and developing BONITA FAYE, a book they have under option.
Walter’s past feature credits include directing and co-writing ANCIENT WARRIORS, an 
action adventure film shot entirely in Sardinia, Italy.  It received worldwide distribution.  He was 2nd unit director and Associate Producer on PRETTY WOMAN.  He worked in the same capacity on Universal’s hit movie, PARENTHOOD, as well as the NBC Series based on the film.
Walter has also directed numerous television shows, including episodes of SHEENA, starring Gena Lee Nolin for TriStar/ Columbia, FORTUNE HUNTER, THE NEW LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, and the majority of SWAMP THING episodes for USA Network and Universal Studios.  He is a member of the Directors Guild of America, The Writers Guild of America, and The Screen Actors Guild.  Walter is a partner in the entertainment company, VONHARTFILMS and is represented by Caren Bohrman at the Caren Bohrman Agency.
Alice Flanagan
Alice Flanagan is a native born Texan, currently residing in Amarillo, Texas.  She is a 4th generation educator, musician, and follower of the fine arts.  Her background in music was fostered from an early age, expanded by attending band camp & also attending West Texas State in Canyon, Texas.  Her grandfather - Wallace R. Clark - expanded the music department at WT, taught there from 1917 to 1952, and hired the first band director - C. E. Strain.  Her great-great uncles founded TCU and Abilene Christian College and both her parents were public educators for several decades.  Alice has been a computer installer/trainer for the past 40 years, travelling extensively throughout North America & the South Pacific for Star-Kist foods. She has assisted non-profits in setting up their computer systems, as well as training the staff on accounting systems.  Currently, Alice is paid accompanist for several churches in the Texas Panhandle. Because her father was a WWII veteran, Alice has been instrumental in helping veterans & their families receive the funding and care that they deserve.  She continues to expand her musical education and inspire influential appreciation for the arts by attending, funding, and sponsoring musical events in the Amarillo area.