Community Benefits

Community Benefits
Community Benefits
Music and the Performing Arts have become a growth industry as the demand for professional performers steadily increases across the globe. The entertainment industry generates close to one trillion dollars annually and is a substantial expenditure for most every individual and family in modern society. The demand for wholesome family entertainment has been on the increase over the past decade, especially with the advent of technologies making programming of all types increasingly accessible. 
Artistic performance and programming are no longer limited to the New York-Los Angeles production hubs but are coming now from more isolated venues such as Carmel, IN or Branson, MO. Branson is known today as the “live music capital of the world” but it has a rich history dating back to its first days in the 1800’s. Starting with a small store at a riverboat stop, the city now boasts over 40 theaters with 60,000 theater seats, over 70 live theater shows, over 200 lodging facilities with over 23,000 lodging rooms, 5,000 camping spaces, over 350 restaurants, three lakes, 9 golf courses, over 200 retail outlets, numerous attractions and year round activities and entertainment. Branson is not the suburb of a major metropolitan city. In fact, it is located an hour’s drive from the closest major city, Springfield, MO. In comparison, the population of Springfield in January 2010 was 152,218. The population of Amarillo, TX, approximately a 1.5 hour drive from Perryton, in January 2010 was 182,701. Obviously the technology of today’s world is capable of shrinking distance for the benefit of any number of endeavors and the general public in search of entertainment is willing to expend time and substance to find it. With the advent of satellite and internet technologies, distance is no longer an adverse factor in the sharing of education and talent, not only across the nation, but around the globe as well.
A community with a vision for the arts and a supportive foundation of creativity is primed for realizing the benefits of an aggressively motivated project with far-reaching potential. The educational and performance concepts herein outlined can result in controlled and quality community growth, providing exponential benefits to the local economy in the form of:
• Enhancing the quality of life for the community,

• Increased educational offerings,

• Environmentally clean jobs

• Healthy business growth

• New construction and renovation of housing and businesses,

• Increased demands for goods and services,

• Increased demands for recreational venues (i.e. golf courses, water sports, etc.)

• Increased tax receipts,

• Eventual influx of additional tourism dollars
• A completely independent revenue stream for the local economy during times of economic downturn.
One of the greatest benefits lies in the educational opportunities for the young people of the community and surrounding regions. With exposure to educators and performers of the highest caliber, the enhancement of the total education process is greatly improved and opens doors of opportunity otherwise unavailable. Prospects are very good for the international exchange of students and teachers to augment the educational benefits and the overall entertainment experience of the community as a whole.
Finally, Perryton was chosen for being a friendly, vibrant, environmentally sound community that appreciates the wholesome and peaceful atmosphere it has cultivated over the decades. Our goal is to work within the community to maintain and protect those qualities while offering future generations the educational advantages that otherwise may not have been available.