The Plan

The Plan
The Conservatory of the Plains / Arts Academy of the Plains (herein referred to as CP/AAP) is planned for initial start-up prior to the end of 2011 and is designed to be located in Canadian, a community located in the panhandle of Texas.  This business plan is being written to set a rational framework for growth to maximize the potential of the project. Successful realization of this plan will produce a specialized educational institution capable of operating without state or federal government oversight, funding or interference.
Keys to success and critical factors are, in order of importance:
1. Garnering the support of the community for this project to enhance the already present performance and artistic endeavors by involving local residents and businesses in the planning, construction, completion and continuing operation phases of the project.
2. Allocating sufficient physical properties to set up an educational facility with room for growth in the future.
3. Penetration into the market for music education and performing arts including theater and dance in a broad area of Texas and surrounding states with national and global goals.
4. Locating and employing experienced teachers in the various mediums of performance while providing an atmosphere conducive to attracting professional performers to lend their support as schedules permit.
5. Marketing the school to potential student candidates including public/private school musicians and performers through after-school/weekend/summer programs of instruction and performance.  Offering concentrated study to professional and non-professional performers who wish to hone their talents and further their studies with an advanced faculty and other performers of like mind without the educational requirements and mandates of state and federal government.
The primary objective of CP/AAP is to provide a highly concentrated education in specific areas of the fine arts and associated vocations with the best possible teachers and to produce musicians and performers of the highest caliber in an atmosphere of professionalism and surroundings conducive to freedom of expression through the encouragement to achieve maximum potential.
The greatest opportunity for CP/AAP is through the teaching of the performing arts to students from local, state, national and global locations. The capacity to do this will be dictated by the size and scope of the facility obtained for a campus and the ability to provide the staff and advanced education required.  Potential students will be solicited from public and private school systems nationwide as well as from foreign institutions and the general public.
Initial Funding will be pursued through possible sources such as qualified investors whose interests are aligned with the teaching and perpetuation of music, performance and artistic endeavors.  Other funding may be allocated from foreign entities who wish to participate on the level of future expansion of the project inside and outside the United States of America.  A foundation is set up to allow for those who wish to support through tax deductible grants and donations.
Frequent performances by music students will be offered in solo and ensemble presentations to the community through free and subscription/paid venues. 
Film, theater and dance students will offer plays, recitals and other entertainment through free and subscription/paid venues.  All students will be encouraged to participate within the community by lending their talents to local and civic endeavors.